Lost your Mojo ?

I get asked a lot by my students about how to get sewing again after a long break.  

I think everyone loses their sewing mojo at some time or another, I sometimes can go weeks without being near my sewing machine , and it sometimes takes a while to get the creative lightbulb to come back on. 

Below are a few of my top tips to get back into the swing of things.

  • * Try putting a tray of pens & pencils and paper on your table. You will be surprised how many members of the family are drawn to it ! 
  • *Go Fabric shopping. Take a look at the colours and see what comes to you.
  • *Join a class or course ! There's nothing better than making new sewing friends to get you back into the swing of it.
  • * Make something. ANYTHING ! Creativity - The more you use , the more you have. Sometimes making a wonky pencil case or a felt flower brooch is enough to get you going again. 
  • ( I have tons of free patterns above ^ )
  • * PINTEREST ! Ah the perfect procrastination website ! Spend half an hour looking at projects you want to make... and then SEW ONE. 
  • Get a Stitch Box ! Every one of my boxes has at least 4 sewing patterns inside just waiting to be sewn up ! Use them to practice or to create works of art your friends & family will love .
  • Make something to give away. You'll be surprised how amazing you really are ! Never Fear making mistakes ! That's how we learn !

Keep sewing and REMEMBER : SEWING IS 10% LUCK AND 90% BODGE !

Below are a few of my favourite projects I have made over the last 6-7 years.  I hope you find them inspirational :) 

Pj Boy
Baby Elves
Mr Jingle the Robot